My business has a stable of expert and qualified Consultants and Trainers that are at the ready to be of assistance to businesses from all areas of industry and the business sector. My consultants are available to assist you in all areas of the following:-

My expertise of course, is bringing the right consultant/trainer to assist you with your business needs. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you in the above areas.

Employer's Association Service

Your annual fee provides employers with vital assistance with their workplace issues. By becoming an Associate to "Simply Sorted", you are entitled to the following:-

Any general enquires on employment matters will be addressed within a guaranteed 24 hour turn around. Simply contact Pauline Townsend on mobile 0438 503 873 or email your enquiry to me through this form and you will receive accurate advice from an experienced and highly qualified consultant.

NB Enquiries that require extensive research or review / preparation of documents will incur a "Fee for Service". A quotation will be provided before commencement of enquiry.

Employment Forms & Documents

Our expert IR & HR Consultants can draft letters of offer,  flexibility work agreements, employment contracts, termination and redundancy letters, policies and procedures manuals, employment contracts, letters of warning, termination and redundancy and much more.

Fair Work Ombudsman Investigations

The government workplace enforcer continues to investigate, audit and fine employers for breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009 and/or the modern awards (up to $33,000 per breach). lf you are involved in a FWO investigation, let us assist you by liaising with the Ombudsman's office on your behalf.

Unfair Dismissal Advocacy

Forget everything you thought you knew about running your department and managing your people. When the Fair Work Act became fully operational on 1 January 2010, it changed the face of workplace relations in Australia.

Changes to the amount - and type - of leave that employees can claim... standards in wages and working conditions... and procedure relating to redundancies and retrenchments... have revolutionized and standardized workplaces across Australia.

Make no mistake - the Fair Work Act will affect the way you do your job and how you manage your staff, so you must comply with it.

Applications to Fair Work Australia for unfair dismissal remedies continue to escalate and employers have to wear the cost and stress of dealing with such claims. Our team of consultants can help by handling these claims for you.

Occupational Health & Safety

Our Occupational Health and Safety experts will help you understand your obligations and risks and make good business decisions for workplace health, safety and workers' compensation.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, with business owners, boards of directors, senior management, line managers and workers to guide and advise on meeting obligations and achieving business goals.
Whether you're a start-up, small, medium or large enterprise we have services to suit your needs.
Some of our services include:-


Audits, inspections, benchmarking, planning - a range of services to suit business needs and drive WHS.

Training and Seminars

Training, workshops and seminars for Boards, senior managers, line managers and workers.

WHS Manuals

Tailored to suit business needs and obligations.

Workers Compensation

Rehabilitation and return to work services and sickness absence

Don't put health and safety in the too hard basket - let us ease the way and work with you to build your best defence.


Improve skills base and add to your bottom line through training that is tailor-made specifically for you & your business. Tailor made training programs.... what does this mean to you... Focused in-house training specific to your business.

Our Nationally Accredited Trainers deliver a high level of on the job training to business owners and employees wishing to gain a formal qualification and develop new skills. To deliver the best possible solution for you & your business, formal training is tailor made specifically to your particular circumstances.

Accredited Training available:-

General Business
Business Administration
Human Resources

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